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Outdoor 30W~180W Auminum COB LED Street light
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Outdoor 30W~180W Auminum COB LED Street light
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Roads, pavements, schools, parks, courtyards, gardens, factories and other outdoor lighting projects and so on.



*The light source adopts Bridgeluxhigh power LED chip from USA , imported high brightness semiconductor chips.

*The radiator in aluminum alloy die casting ensures the efficiency of heat emission, guaranteeing the light a long life span;A distinct appearance according to the modern streamlined design, Replace of conventional HPS.

*Products using Famous Power Supply Brand Meanwell from Taiwan. Very stable and high quality, Low loss, high precision constant current circuit, increased power efficiency, ensure load stability. Wide range of input voltage: AC85-264V.

*No delay start. No waiting. It can reach its normal light as soon as it is turned on. No noise; to increase the products safety, the circuits with over voltage, over current, short-circuit protection.

*No electrical wave, conforming to CE.

*Environment friendly and no air pollution. We exert the design of using cold light source. It’s no heat radiation. There is no ill to our eyes and skin. The floodlights do not have lead, mercury and any other contamination. It is really environment friendly with ROHS certificate.

*Shell surface temperature is below 65° (ambient temperature-40°-60° to work long hours under temperatures) and far less than traditional halogen lamps in the same work under the temperature of the surface temperature, when you use a more secure.




01 Input Voltage AC85-264V 47-63Hz
02 LED Bridgelux chip
03 Power 30W/50/W/80W/100W/120W/150W/180W
04 LED Efficiency 80-110Lm/W
06 Power Factor >0.9
07 Surface Color Gray Color(other colors are acceptable)
08 CRI Ra>80
09 Color Temperature 2700-3300K (Warm White)


4000-5000K (Natural White)

5300-7000K (Cool White)

11 Beam Angle 120°
12 Life Span >50,000 Hours
13 Operating Temperature -40℃ to +60℃
14 Storage Temperature -40℃ to +60℃
15 Connect Wire Brown  L                   Black  L


Blue   N            OR    White  N

Yellow/Green  GND         Green GND

16 Certifications CE,  RoHS
17 Net Weight 6.5kg/ 7.8kg/13.8kg
19 IP Rating IP66



120W:  Outer Carton: 690×270×160mm(1pcs/ctn)      N.W.:7.8KG   G.W: 9.0KG


Safety Notice for Using

*Please always use the light out of its package.
*Before starting use of the light, please check if the light was damaged during transportation. If any damage shown, please DO not install or use it.
*Any maintenance should be performed by trained professionals only.
*Keep packaging materials away from the reach of children and pets. Risks of suffocation!
*Caution. The packaging contains small parts that may be swallowed by children. 
*Never leave children unattended in the vicinity of the lights and do not allow them to play with electrical devices.
*Try to avoid looking directly in the LED beam-especially for extended periods of time. Do not shine the LED light in another person’s eyes.
*Never cover the light by other objects.
*The products need to re-repair, inspection or special treatment of retirement after service time.
*Please carefully read the product specifications, confirm that their environment is subject to conditions on the specification, may be used.



1. Prior to cleaning the light, make sure it has been disconnected from the power supply.

2. Use a dry or slightly moistened cloth for cleaning.

3. Never use any chemicals or abrasives for cleaning.



Used electronic devices must be collected for recycling and can not be deposited together with daily garbage.



*This product should be installed by trained electricians.
*Check integration of the products when unpack the packing.
*When laying the cables, make sure that the cables and plugs are not subjected to any tensile or twisting forces. Fit the cable tension relieving mechanisms to the connection points of the surface-mounted lights. Do not kink cables. Output cables should be laid separately and at a distance from other cables. 
*Proceed by connecting the wiring cables to the luminaries. Usually the brown (or black) wire is the live wire, connect it with the terminal marked “L”. The blue wire is Naughty wire, connect it with the terminal marked “N”. 
*Used only the LED driver included, and do not connect the surface-mounted lights to other loads. 
*Do not remove the name plate of the power supply and driver of the light.
*Don’t hit or heavy press, and carry and setting gently when carrying and installing.



  Non-professionals are not allowed to disassemble and maintain the products. We have the right not to provide after-sale service if unauthorized dis assembly and maintenance happens to the products.